Flat Universe


A fast paced top-down action game


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Flipper Rush

A fun puzzle game


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Care 2 Watch?

Care 2 know?

Why do you feel so bored?

Actually, we have no clue. But please tell us: "How may we be of your service?"

Which is the best gaming platform around?

But of course the one that  you are using. Our games do not make exceptions.

What is the real difference between a 3D and a 2D game?

Simple! One dimension less headache for the developer.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Sorry, this not our division.  But if you care to know why the penguins did, then you are welcome!

The average age that adults stop playing games.

Come on!!! There are no statistics for this one.

Care 2 Hear the News?

Flat Universe ver 0.8.5 released!

Today we announce the release of our brand new version of Flat Universe. Head to Daedalus Station and grab your copy.

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