Flat Universe Space Shooter

Wing Commander Flat Universe


Wing Commander flat universe is a free fan top-down space shooter based on the universe created by Chris Roberts and Origin Systems



  • Fast paced top-down space shooter
  • Multiple guns and missile systems
  • Multiple types of spacecraft to fight with or against
  • Systems damage modelling
  • Next gen graphics and sound
  • Single player branching campaign
  • Multiplayer options with arena, versus and co-op modes
  • Mission based game-play with objectives and sub-objectives
  • Open-ended free flight option
  • Full mission and campaign editor
  • Immersive environments and space vistas
  • Multiple star systems with seamless transition

and most importantly

  • Shaped by community feedback
  • A game we like to play first and foremost

Care 2 Watch?

Care 2 Play Flat Universe?

Flat Universe is currently in Open Alpha. You can get more information and download the game from these places:

Visit the dedicated site

Daedalus Station


and get the game from its:

Download Services

Or visit us at:


And get the game from there

Care 2 Help Us?

We need all the suggestions we can get on improving Flat Universe.

If you think you got the right idea, you want a new feature or you simply hate us and you want us to know we hang out here:

Wing Commander CIC

That's where all Wing Commander Fans hang out and where you can find anything and everything Wing Commander related


Here is our forum page there

WC CIC Flat Universe Forum


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 Believe it or not some people actually like the game!

Thanks guys!


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